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Welcome from Noel!

What is a PowerShow? It is a Multimedia experience that you won't forget. Exciting photos, special 3D effects that will take your breath away! The PowerShows  consist of different themes with full background music. Sometimes you may laugh, sometimes you may cry and hopefully they will be a memorable experience.

We believe the right PowerShow will change your day.

The Powershows will always be free for you to enjoy.

Please sign the Guest Book below. I would love to hear from you! Let me know your thoughts, likes, dislikes and suggestions.

Enjoy the Downloads on the Download page. Noel


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I have added a new photo gallery of pictures I have taken.

You can right click on the photos and set your favorite to desktop wallpaper.

I will try to update these frequently.....Noel

Click here for Photo Gallery

Email for questions concerning this website.

Home News Downloads Services PowerShows Plus Wallpapers Wallpaper II

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