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On The Day You Were Born


Bob Sample, born on June 7, 1964

Famous People Who
Share Your Birthday

Anna Kournikova
Larisa Oleynik
(Formerly Known As) Prince
Liam Neeson
Jenny Jones

  Your Sun Sign is: Gemini
Chinese Sign is: Wood Dragon
Your Birth Stone is: Pearl
Your Stone Means: Health
Your Birth Flower: Roses
U.S. President: Lyndon B. Johnson

You have been alive for about
13,513 days

You've spent about 4,504.3 days sleeping.

Important Events Of Your Birth Year
Surgeon General Confirms Smoking Causes Cancer
Cosmonaut Leonov Performs First Spacewalk
Three Civil Rights Workers Murdered In Mississippi
Nelson Mandela Sentenced To Life In Prison
China Detonates Their First A-Bomb
Warren Report Concludes Lee Oswald Acted Alone


  Gemini, you are compatible with Libra and Aquarius
  Gemini's are known for their quick witted, flirtatious charm. Full of energy and liveliness.

  Wood Dragon, you are compatible with Monkeys or Rats
  Charismatic and colorful. Wants to be center of attention. Very arrogant.

When you were born...
Gas cost $.25, milk $1.06, and bread was $.21!
You could buy a car for $2,350
Homes went for about $30,000,
You could send a letter for $0.05, and
People made about $6,080 a year.

Academy Award Winners In 1964
Best Actor - Rex Harrison
Best Actress - Julie Anders
Best Directed Picture - My Fair Lady

Best Wishes Bob!