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Free Multimedia Shows For Your Computer!





Here are some of my favorite PowerShows for you to download.

You will need at least a Pentium II to play the shows. No player is needed.

Just click on the file and proceed to download page.

Click on the file and select open this file from current location.

The file will download..then go to your download folder and click on the file for the show to attention to the file name

Kait.exe Help solve this senseless tragedy of the murder of Kait Arquette

Only Time  A Beautiful timely show

camp.exe  Remember Camp Granada?

fatherslove.exe  A personal favorite of mine

Beyond the sea  A very relaxing show

I'm Already There  For anyone who has been separated from loved ones

ep                           This is Elvis and a very special guest


American Tribute   What Can I say...Thanks to the thousands that have

                                  written me about this show.

Attack on America...The second tribute show that I did


All of my files have been virus checked but I always suggest you personally check a file before opening it.

P.S. I have been sending these shows for years so download and enjoy.



A special Thank you to for  hosting  these files.





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