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 The PowerShows use very advanced Multimedia
Technology. You will need at least a Pentium II
And a 233 processor to view them.
Windows Only.
The Shows use compressed music so the first
thing to download and install is Mpeg.
You only have to do this one time.

Cool sites


Who Killed Kait Arquette?


Only Time


Download this show and help solve this tragedy Kait.exe

Time will tell.... Download

Only Time


A Father's Love


A fun show! . Download   camp.exe

I Love this song!.  fatherslove.exe

Grown Men Don't Cry

A Beautiful Morning

Elvis and Special Guest


Grown Men do Cry   

Download Grown Men Don't Cry

Seize the day!

Download A Beautiful Mornin

Find out...

 Download ep


in the sky                              

I'm Already There

Beyond The Sea


Happy 4th of July



Dedicated to everyone that has been separated  from their loved ones

I'm Already There

Experience the beauty!

Beyond the sea.


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