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Welcome to the lastest addition of my website


Now you can also receive the Shows I have made over the years

If you are new to the PowerShows,

you will probably want to join both of my mailing lists.

Over the years, I have created close to 1000 PowerShows and I am now

making these available through my new mailing list called

Noel's ClassicShows.

Each day you will receive one of the Classic Shows in your email.

You must have an ISP that allows email attachments.

 Sorry no hotmail or yahoo type free email addresses.

Click here to join Noel's Classic Shows.

and then download and install these two

files. Mpeg to hear the compressed music and

then the special player for your computer type Windows or Mac

If you would like to save time, I also have all the shows available on

CD Rom. Click the request information to receive the information on obtaining the CDs


Privacy Policy

Your name or email address will never ever be revealed to any party...Noel